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About Us

C.J. Coletta & Company, Inc. provides active money management services on a discretionary and non discretionary basis for individuals as well as, institutional clients.  Our clients may select from a range of investment management programs for individually managed accounts.

Our Mission

CJCC’s mission is to help our clients reach their target rates of return by offering investment programs that stand apart from the crowd and strive to generate absolute returns in both stable and volatile times.  We are benchmark agnostic.

Our Core Values

We like to say to be successful in the long term in this business you must have ICE running through your veins.


As a fiduciary to our clients we always put their needs above our own.  We will constantly evaluate our decisions from this standpoint without exception.


We believe in speaking “straight from the gut” to our clients and explaining that there are no absolutes or certainties in the market.  We believe in designing a strategy that adapts to changing market conditions.


We are committed to becoming the best we can possibly be in this business.  The pursuit of excellence is a life long journey that has us jumping out of bed in the morning in order to serve our clients.

Our Business Principles

  1. Our clients’ interest must be placed above all else. If we help our clients achieve their goals then we will attain ours.
  2. Integrity and Candor are the cornerstones of our business. We must hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards in the industry.
  3. Never-ending quest for excellence in everything we do.
  4. We believe in the power of teamwork. By working together we can achieve more for our clients than we could ever alone.
  5. Raise the bar and continually evolve as a company and as individuals. The markets are constantly changing; we must stay abreast and commit to life-long learning.
  6. The markets are also uncertain; therefore, to thrive we must remain calm and centered regardless of the volatility. Our confidence will be based upon in-depth analysis and the proper weighing of risk vs. potential reward. We must plan for alternate scenarios in the market so we can respond rationally during turbulent times, not simply react.
  7. We will compete against ourselves to reach our highest potential. We will respect our competitors; their success will inspire us to work harder. We will study their successes and failures as well as our own.
  8. Recruit talented people and then empower them. We offer our people the opportunity for rapid advancement which is based on merit and ability.
  9. Provide world-class service so that our clients become our marketing team and provide us an abundance of referral business.
  10. Inspire creativity, imagination and innovation. Reward those who create new ways to serve our clients’ needs.
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