C.J. Coletta & Company is not your typical investment advisor.  A core part of our investment philosophy is built around uncovering companies that create a competitive advantage through innovation.  In that spirit our own firm is built around a culture of innovation.  We don’t want to follow the crowd and offer cookie cutter solutions to our clients.  Our in house developed investment programs are a key differentiating factor.  Also we are planning to launch agreements with other advisors that strategically add value for our clients and follow our values and beliefs.

We are looking for a certain type of individual.  Someone who doesn’t see their work as a job or even a career.  For us, it’s a calling.  Do you have a passion for the investment business that will fuel the necessary long hours and effort that is necessary to compete at the highest level?

By empowering our people with ongoing training and education we help them gain the skills necessary for the investment world.   Our goal is for you to reach your full potential in the investment business.  Where are you in your journey?

    • Just starting out….are you looking to get your foot in the door of the asset management business?  Our Associate positions in Sales offer you the ability to gain immediate hands-on experience, broad exposure to our firm, and extensive training.  Our program offers you the fast track to independence.  We look to groom each of our Associates into future Portfolio Managers and will sponsor each for the CFA program, the CMT program, and other professional development programs that enhance your skills in research and portfolio management.  Our firm believes that all of our investment advisors should have a strong foundation in fundamental, technical, and quantitative analysis.  We have created detailed, 3,5, and 10 year roadmaps for each new Associate.  (This roadmap was designed by C.J. and is the map he wishes someone would have offered him 20 years ago when he started in the investment business….)
    • Stockbroker who wants to move into asset management?  Are you stuck in the transactional business world and thinking there must be a better way?  You love the idea of independence that the brokerage business gives you because you control your destiny; however, you believe that your future lies in asset management.  Our founder C.J. Coletta knows exactly how you feel having almost two decades of experience in the brokerage business.  His quest for finding the answer to that very same question led to his dedicating the past 10 years of his life to finding a solution.  Hence, the birth of C.J. Coletta & Company, Inc.  For brokers who want to maintain a brokerage business as they slowly make a transition into asset management we offer the opportunity to maintain your securities license and offer brokerage services through an independent brokerage office of a regional broker dealer.  If you are a Stockbroker and looking to either offer unique discretionary investment programs to your clients or perhaps are looking to evolve into a portfolio manager take that first step and set up a meeting with C.J. to get you on the fast track to independence and into the asset management business.
    • Seasoned Investment Advisor working for Planning firm versus Asset Manager? Are you working for an advisory firm but just not fitting in with their culture, beliefs, values, or vision?  Are you working for a financial planning firm when your dream was always to be involved in asset management?  We are looking for experienced advisors who want to train to become Portfolio Managers.  Are you serious and ready to make the leap into asset management?
    • Seasoned Pro?  Are you an asset manager looking to make a move to a new firm where your voice will be heard?  Do you believe you can be instrumental in building a powerhouse in the asset management industry?  Are you looking for a fresh start with unlimited potential?  C.J. is looking for like minded individuals with experience in the Asset Management business who are interested in creating a firm that makes a difference for clients.  We are expanding our programs and looking for innovative ideas from seasoned professionals.

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