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C.J. Coletta & Company, Inc. provides active money management services on a discretionary and non-discretionary basis for individuals as well as, institutional clients.  Our clients may select from a range of investment management programs for individually managed accounts.

Aggressive Growth Programs

CJCC's view is that if we are going to manage a portion of our client’s assets by placing them at risk in the stock market through our internally developed investment programs, we will strive to maximize the return on those assets by seeking opportunities with the highest potential returns.  CJCC’s stock selection process for our internally developed programs leverages some of the tenets upon which the CAN SLIM® [1]Investment Discipline is based.

The CAN SLIM® Investment Discipline is the result of the research done by William J. O’Neil, founder of William O'Neil + Co. Incorporated and Investors Business Daily, in his studies of the top performing stocks over the past eight market cycles to identify stocks with the potential for outsized returns—the leaders—as well as companies that may under perform the market—the laggards.  Our focus is on achieving profits through aggressive equity investing and trading while mitigating risk through diversification, hedging, and money management.

C.J. Coletta & Company is owned by

Coletta Investment Research, Inc.

[1] © 2011 Investor’s Business Daily, Inc.  Investor’s Business Daily, IBD, CAN SLIM and corresponding logos are registered trademarks of Investor’s Business Daily, Inc. "CAN SLIM® and variations are marks of Investor's Business Daily, Inc. and affiliates ('IBD').  The CAN SLIM® Certified mark is licensed by IBD only to signify successful completion of IBD's CAN SLIM® training program.  IBD does not license, review or approve of, and is not responsible or liable for any investment advice or other servicesprovided by the user.  The user is not an agent of, sponsored by, affiliated with, orowned by IBD and is not authorized by IBD to make any representations, warranties, or promises."


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