Volatility:  Something to be feared or embraced?

The most important lesson investors have learned over the past decade is that markets are volatile.  It is our belief that markets ebb and flow between states of stability and volatility.  This is the nature of all markets.  To hope for a market without volatility over time is “wishful” thinking.  Our firm believes that volatility is not something to be feared but embraced.  Within our firm we are driven by the opinion that volatile markets create opportunities for those who have the patience and discipline to remain calm and look for them.  The ability to remain calm is driven by having a systematic approach that helps tame the “animal spirits” within each of us.

C.J. Coletta & Company is passionate about striving to perform in all types of market environments.  Unlike passively managed accounts whose success is predicated on the relative performance of a benchmark, we believe in utilizing an active approach that adjusts as economic, financial, and market cycles change.  Programs offered by CJCC are grounded in time tested research covering the business cycle and investing in growth stocks. 

Advantages of an account managed by C.J. Coletta & Company

    • Individually managed accounts, not combined in a hedge fund or pool
    • Not locked in for specific period of time; no withdrawal fees
    • Transparency:  full disclosure of trading activity in your account
    • Portfolios can be constructed around compliance/independence/social constraints
    • Programs available that utilize both fundamental and technical analysis
    • Peace of mind due to our focus on preserving capital during bear markets
    • Ability to take advantage of leading growth stocks during bull markets
    • Management fees can be performance based, for qualified accounts in our Aggressive Growth Programs
    • Institutional, corporate, and individual accounts welcomed
    • Applicable to retirement and trust accounts
    • Quarterly management reports for each account
    • We are fiduciaries acting in your best interest
    • You are working with a team of seasoned professionals with strong research backgrounds and decades of experience
    • By working with us you will now have more time to focus on what you’re passionate about…

Why Your Money is Safe

    • Your assets and cash are held at a brokerage firm, not by us
    • There is complete transparency; you can view your account at all times
    • We only have authority to trade, not to withdraw or transfer funds
    • You can compare our reports with the net asset value as reported by your broker




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