Are you ready to hand off your investment decisions to a trusted advisor?

Our firm recognizes everyone is unique and we understand our approach may appeal only to a select few.  CJCC’s ideal clients are patient and focused on the long term in regards to the creation of wealth.  They have the foresight to judge our performance over a full market cycle versus a quarter by quarter basis.

Our primary focus is on serving our clients and building long term relationships.  We work with professional, sophisticated, investors who are capable of making their own investment choices but each have found they lack the time, expertise, or interest in investment management.

It is common for a potential client to say:

    • “My work is my passion.  My industry is highly competitive.  I love the challenge; however, it requires me to put in 70+ hours a week.  I don’t have the time necessary to do the level of research necessary to manage my investments successfully.  I am looking for someone whose passion is investing.”
    • “Although I run my own business and handle major financial decisions at work, I would prefer to delegate the management of my personal investments to a professional.  I am busy and want to spend more time with my friends and family.”
    • “I love managing my own investments, however, with the recent volatility we have experienced over the past few years I think it makes sense to allocate a portion of my assets to a professional.”
    • “As I approach retirement I’d like to grow my assets however, I’d like a strategy that has less volatility than the market.  I am more focused on risk adjusted returns.”
    • “The benefits of holding a concentrated portfolio of growth stocks come with additional risks and I am looking for someone who will help me manage that risk.”


It’s an incredible group of people who are going to sit down and focus on your unique needs, goals, and aspirations.  Through your relationship with CJCC,you will have exposure to very intelligent people who are experts in various disciplines:  fundamental analysis; technical analysis; quantitative analysis; derivatives; and risk management.  Investing is our passion.

Placing Your Needs First

At CJCC you will receive objective advice that is tailored to you.  You are our number one priority.  We take a client centered approach that is backed by a dedicated service team.  We pride ourselves on exceeding our client expectations.  Someone will always be there to answer your questions.  Whether you need to speak with an investment consultant, portfolio manager, risk manager, strategist all you have to do is call and we will make the time for you.  Craig is personally involved with each of our clients and keeps and open door policy always making time for each client to address any concern on the market or question they may have in regards to their portfolio.  In addition, the rest of our team is readily available to help you in any way they can.

During our initial consultation we spend time to learn as much as we can about our client in order to determine where from a holistic point of view how we may be able to add value to their current investment program.

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