Coletta Short Bias

The program is designed to offer capital appreciation by primarily going short equities in the U.S. markets.  The portfolio will utilize derivatives and short positions in equities.  The portfolios will be managed primarily utilizing technical analysis.  Companies selected as shorts may show a deterioration in earnings growth and cash flow.  CJCC can adjust its strategy for each client as appropriate dependent on its perspective of future market conditions.  CJCC can take a defensive approach in the program through the use of derivatives on securities, exchange traded funds, indexes, and other hedging techniques.  Likewise, CJCC can take a more aggressive approach in the program also through the use of leverage including derivatives and margin.  Both defensive and aggressive strategies may be used for a client’s account only to extent prohibited by LOA, broker/dealer and custodial limitations, and applicable law.  Clients may specifically request, in writing, to limit or avoid the use of either defensive or aggressive strategies in their accounts.  Clients may also specify whether or not they prefer CJCC to utilize leverage.

The objective of the Coletta Short Bias program is to provide a high level of capital appreciation.

Minimum Investment:  $50,000

This program may appeal to you if:

    • You are looking for growth of capital primarily through capital appreciation
    • You are looking to include a short selling strategy as a portion of your overall investment portfolio
    • You believe that the benefits of short selling outweigh the additional risk it entails
    • You believe in an active management strategy versus a passive buy and hold type of strategy


You may not want to participate in this program if:

    • You are looking for a high level of current income
    • You are conservative in your investment approach
    • You are interested more in the stability of principal more than the growth of capital
    • You are not willing to incur the additional risk
    • You are looking for a passive investment management strategy that will mirror the returns of an index


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