Coletta Large Cap Growth

The program is designed to offer capital appreciation by primarily investing in and actively trading large capitalization growth stocks (greater than 10 billion) with the potential to be leaders in the market.  The portfolio may hold up 25 positions with a goal of having the majority of assets concentrated in 5-10 core holdings. Companies selected are those we expect to demonstrate strong performance, exceptional earnings growth, high returns on equity, and strong cash flow due to competitive advantages created through innovation.  The portfolios will be managed utilizing technical analysis to assist in the entry and exiting of positions as well as help mitigate the risks involved in owning growth stocks.  This is an active management strategy that holds fewer positions and increases cash holdings during adverse market conditions.  CJCC can adjust its strategy for each client as appropriate dependent on its perspective of future market conditions.

This Objective of the Coletta Large Cap Cap Growth Program is to provide a high level of capital appreciation.

Minimum Investment: $50,000

This Program may appeal to you if:

    • You are looking for growth of capital primarily through capital appreciation
    • You believe the market will favor growth stocks over value stocks over the long term
    • You are more comfortable owning large capitalization stocks
    • You are looking to include a growth strategy as a portion of your overall investment portfolio
    • You believe that the benefits of concentration are greater than the benefits of a more diversified portfolio
    • You believe in an active management strategy versus a passive buy and hold type of strategy


You may not want to participate in this program if:

    • You are looking for a high level of current income
    • You are conservative in your investment approach
    • You are interested more in  the stability of principal more than the growth of capital
    • You are looking for a passive investment management strategy that will mirror the returns of an index


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